Revlon, supporter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, uses cancer-causing chemicals in its cosmetics


Revlon, one of the largest cosmetic companies in the country, known for their supportive stance in breast cancer research, is talking the talk but not walking the walk.

A survey put out by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics uncovered the startling news that the cosmetic giant is selling products that contain cancer-causing and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Even more disturbing is the fact that the company prides itself on being a champion in the fight against breast cancer. As a result of the survey’s findings, Revlon is under scrutiny by several communities and organizations dedicated to safeguarding consumers from the cosmetics we use.

The survey uncovered that many of their products, from hair dyes and mascara to lip gloss and eyeliners, contain toxic chemicals (see full list here). One of the many types of toxic chemicals, butylated compounds (look for BHA or BHT on labels), are antioxidants and preservatives used in cosmetics, food packaging and animal feed, and are actually banned in cosmetics in the European Union.

Ironically, Revlon’s Global Brand Ambassador Emma Stone says on their website, “The best part of being part of Revlon is all that they have done for breast cancer awareness and

California’s Safe Cosmetics Program database fails to deliver due to ‘trade secrets’ option


New cosmetic product regulations from the state of California are not working. Intended to give consumers more information about the chemicals that are packed into their cosmetics, the new California Safe Cosmetics Program Product Database is failing to deliver.

Companies not reporting to the database

The program, which hit the net about a month ago, tries to rein in the 60-billion-dollar cosmetic industry, forcing transparency into the marketplace.

But some of the problems with this large transparency project include an uncooperative cosmetic industry, delayed participation in a database system and information on chemicals that hasn’t been updated for years.

“There are companies that haven’t been reporting to the state the ingredients that we should know about,” said Alexandra Scranton, director of science and research at advocacy group Women’s Voices for the Earth. Health advocates like Scranton have been a major voice for transparency in cosmetic products, hoping that California’s nine-year effort would help consumers avoid hazardous chemicals in their body care products.

State cosmetic database allows companies to keep “trade secrets”

The most disturbing part of this government program is that it contains a provision that lets companies keep their ingredients secret.

On the surface, the database sounds like

Four common formaldehyde releasers to avoid in your cosmetics and skin care


Formaldehyde is a highly toxic chemical that is still used under the guise of different ingredient names that don’t include “formaldehyde” in the title in a large number of products that are frequently in close contact with consumers. More often than not, even if we are diligent in avoiding formaldehyde as a known ingredient, we come in contact with this chemical quite a bit simply by proxy of other ingredients.

This is because many of the preservatives and antimicrobials still popularly used in modern day skin, body, hair and hygiene products are “formaldehyde releasers.” They actually begin to release this toxic chemical as they sit on your shelf. Formaldehyde is highly effective as a preservative; however, it is also highly toxic to our immune system, nervous system and is also a major carcinogen.

The longer these ingredientsage, the more formaldehyde they release and the more toxic your product becomes. This is because they are designed to slowly decompose, providing a more long-lasting preservative effect- and may even continue to do so once they are absorbed into your body.

As you likely already know, many chemicals can stay in the body for years. Logic would dictate

Fitness Glossary

How knowledgeable are you about fitness and exercise? Learn the definitions of fitness terms.

We respect your privacy.

If you’re going to walk the walk of regular workouts, you also need to talk the talk. Get started by becoming familiar with some of the basic terms of fitness and exercise.

Exercise and Fitness Glossary

Aerobic. Involving repetitive use of the large muscles, temporarily increasing heart rate and respiration.

Balance. The ability to maintain bodily equilibrium while standing still or moving.

Balance training. Activities designed to improve challenges to balance.

Baseline activity. Activities of daily life, such as standing and walking slowly.

Body composition. The proportion of lean mass (composed of muscle, bone, vital tissue and organs) and fat in the body.

Bone-strengthening activity. Physical activities that involve impact or tension on the bones, promoting bone growth and strength. Lifting weights, running, and jumping rope are examples.

Cardio-respiratory endurance. The ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues over a sustained period of time.

Duration. How long it takes for an activity or exercise to be performed.

Exercise. Repetitive physical activity performed in order to improve or maintain physical fitness or health.

Flexibility. The range of motion possible at a joint, or the ability to use joints and muscles through their full range of

Handling Clients’ Fit-Tech Data

Your ability to manage your clients’ tracker/app data intelligently and sensitively is key to your success, and theirs.

Just as with exercise motivation, what gets some clients enthused doesn’t have the same effect for others. “Your clients will guide you in how much they want to hear [about the data],” advises Jak. “Some of my clients don’t want to know their numbers. Others want to see the data even though they will freely admit they have no idea what it means. Others are very interactive, and we develop a dual coaching relationship.”

Jak explains that the best way to keep data meaningful to clients and to avoid data analysis overload is to select a handful of relevant metrics. “This way, change is focused, goal oriented and not overwhelming to the point where [clients] feel like every move they make is under a microscope,” he notes.

According to Jak, the metrics you choose will ultimately depend on individual clients’ needs and motivations. The numbers that he prioritizes are often revealed in baseline assessments. “Without those baselines, collecting data can be quite meaningless,” says Jak. While data points differ from person to person, the ones that Jak commonly tracks include exercise duration and intensity, diet

Best Application Methods for Essential Oils

To complement “Help in a Bottle: Anti-Inflammatory & Pain-Relieving Essential Oils” in the September 2015 issue of MASSAGE Magazine. Summary: Essential oils may be applied via inhalation, topically or internally; all methods provide support for many health conditions.

There are several ways to reap the benefits of essential oils. Here are the basics to consider when choosing the most effective ways of applying essential oils during sessions with clients or for self-care.


This is the number-one way to use essential oils. Inhalation is very effective for most therapeutic conditions and is easy to do. Also, no matter how else you apply them, the scent of essential oils will automatically be inhaled, making every application of essential oils an inhalation, as well.

Science supports inhalation for many conditions. One of the most common is inhalation for affecting the emotions. The olfactory response—which occurs via the brain’s amygdala, hippocampus and hypothalamus—triggers emotional memory and neurotransmitter release for a multitude of emotionally related responses, including documented results for anti-anxiety, stress relief, mental alertness and anti-depressive effects.

Inhalation for weight loss may seem counterintuitive, since scent is closely tied to the sense of taste; however, one 2005 research study in Neuroscience Letters concluded, “the scent of grapefruit

8 Ways to Make Massage Clients More Comfortable

As massage therapists, we are always thinking about new ways to provide a high-quality experience that is unique and exceptional every time. Taking extra steps to enhance your clients’ comfort can be one way to make your massage treatments stand out.

Although a massage is meant to be relaxing, the process, especially the part of the session in which the client lies facedown, is not always as comfortable as one may think. Here are a few useful tips and tricks you can use to make your client’s massage a fully enjoyable experience:

1. Don’t cheap out on the face rest

Probably the least enjoyable aspect of a massage for some clients is discomfort from the face rest, and the pressure in the head and sinuses that can build up after being in a prone position for 30 to 40 minutes. Recently, I have seen many new face rest options on the market and have found face rests containing padding, gel, or water spheres—any of which increase client comfort. Always ask the client if the face rest is comfortable or needs to be adjusted before you begin the massage.


2. Delight the senses with heavenly aromas

Aromatherapy can enhance a massage experience in just about

Help Clients Get Better Sleep by Adding Aromatherapy

Falling and staying asleep each night seems to be increasingly difficult in our modern world. According to the 2014 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 26 percent of U.S. adults get less than eight hours of sleep per night—and 42 percent get less than seven hours, the minimum amount recommended by the National Sleep Foundation for people ages 18 and up.

When we don’t follow the 8-8-8 rule—eight hours each of work, play and sleep—we miss out on the precious recovery time we need from every day’s wear and tear.

With our hectic lifestyles, this rule is not always realistic, but as massage therapists there are things we can do to help our clients achieve that must-needed rest. Incorporating essential oils into a massage treatment can help a client get better sleep.


Target clients’ still points

There are particular points on the back of the neck, which, when the client is supine, are pressed by the weight of her head, helping bring her into an alpha state. This state of deep calm, named for alpha brain waves, the slower waves that occur when we close our eyes and relax, will enhance your client’s ability to release the tensions in her body.

To take this natural experience even

No Spa? No Problem! Spa Add-Ons for Any Practice

If you’ve ever experienced a potential client calling to ask if you offer services such as body scrubs, muds or other spa treatments, and had to reply “no,” consider this: If a client goes to a spa to get a treatment she’s seeking, she may get her massage there, too—even if only for the sake of convenience.

It’s easier than you may think to include spa add-ons in your menu of services, even if your practice is not a traditional spa environment. If you’re doing a lot of deep tissue massage, breaking up your routine with a spa treatment or two may help save your hands and leave you less tired at the end of the day.

Scrubs and muds

The supplies you’ll need to offer spa scrub or mud treatments are minimal. A towel cabi is a great investment, and is not only good for spa treatments, but will also be useful whenever you need to apply heat to a client. The simple act of putting a warm towel over the client’s face at the end of a massage is a nice touch that will open up sinuses after the client has been lying prone.

Once you apply a scrub or mud

Through its hip movements and powerful shimmies, belly dance works on your core muscles and encourages you to embrace your curves.

I discovered belly dance sometime last year. Like most people, I’d resolved to hit the gym regularly at the beginning of the year but the shift from cheesecakes to salads seemed onerous. The very sight of a tread mill made me shudder and soon, I got comfortable with cooking up the most ridiculous excuses to shun workouts. Although I do not suffer from a negative body image, I yearned to love my body a bit more. And so, I gifted myself a belly dance class on my birthday and it turned out to be a life-altering move.

By the end of the class, I had embraced my curves in its entirety, through hip movements and shimmies that alternated between being imperceptible and powerful. My body trembled to the magical beats of the darbuka and the sweet melody of the oud almost instinctively. There was also something utterly appealing about rolling up my tee to reveal my midriff, straightening my shoulders and doing that shimmy, while swaying my arms sensuously. By the end of the class, I knew my body had finally

Diet excuses you must never make!

Are you always trying to find a reason to procrastinate that diet? Did you fall off your New Year’s resolution wagon within the first few weeks of the year? Here are some common excuses that dieters make…

 – If you’re among those who blame time for their diet woes, stop right there. While most people lead fast-paced lifestyles, trying to balance jobs, homes and relationships, if you’re serious about losing weight, time should certainly not be an excuse. Don’t go overboard while making your diet meals. Instead, eat small meals at regular intervals and also snack on nuts and salads

– In a bad mood? Think that is an excuse to go on a binge eating spree? No matter how much of a bad day you’re having, never think that food can be the answer to your problems. One bar of chocolate or a scoop of ice cream can lead to several more and you’ll eventually regret it. Instead, divert your mind so that it doesn’t automatically go towards food.

– Going on a diet doesn’t mean you have to spend a bomb on expensive diet food. Remove all junk food from your refrigerator and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

5 daily habits that are making you fat

Taking big bites: It is widely believed that people who take big bites while eating, consume more calories as compared to those who take smaller bites. So, when you take a bite, chew it properly so that it gives you the feeling of having eaten enough.

Not drinking enough water: People who consume less water through the day, are susceptible to putting on weight than those who keep drinking water. This is because water flushes out the toxins in your body that makes you feel bloated.

Eating on larger plates: Those who eat off larger plates are believed to put on weight than those who eat off smaller plates. The bigger your plate is, the more food you will put in it. So, the best way to control your hunger is by eating on small plates.

Not getting enough rest: Well, weight gain is not restricted to eating habits alone. One may even pile on kilos if he/she does not get enough sleep. Did you know that your body burns fat even while you are sleeping? So, now you know what ought to be done.
Going out with unhealthy friends: Those who hang out with people who are used to eating and drinking

Tips to make walking more effective in weight-loss

Whether you want to lose weight, your worries or gain some zen-like state-of-mind, studies claim that a daily 30-minute walk can do it for you. If you make walking enjoyable for you, and take the boredom out of it, it will be easier to shed the unwanted flab away. Here are a few tips that can help…

Track your progress
Investing in a fitness tracker that gives you instant feedback encourages you to take more steps. The timely vibrations and alerts make you want to do extra. There is a wide range available online. Wearable tech, after all is the coolest fitness trend this year.

Go the app way
There are apps you can download on your phone that can help you mark the path or can give you the map of a new one, help you find like-minded walkers, take up fitness challenges with friends and much more. w

Let music therapy work for you
A list of your favourite numbers playing while you walk can make your exercise routine more fun.

Wear strappy, cool fitness gear
Sexy workout wear that provides adequate support to your body is mandatory. w

Snap it up
If you are into photo sharing

Docs advise caution & paying heed to warning signs to marathon runners

With a large number of runners from Navi Mumbai set to participate in Sunday’s Mumbai Marathon, doctors warn that adequate caution and care must be taken while covering the stretch. They advise patients with breathing problems, heart ailments, high blood pressure and arthritis to pay heed to any warning signs.

While all are not advised to participate in the marathon, those who have registered should be watchful. Though foot injuries are most common, even injuries to the back and shoulders cannot be ruled out.

Dr Rajesh Badiyani, orthopaedic surgeon, said “joint problem among runners are most common in joints that bear weights, such as the hips, knee and ankles. If someone suffers an injury, then that person should opt for a compression bandage or splints to stabilize the affected area. An elevation of the limbs to reduce swelling also helps.”

 He added that an appropriate intake of vitamin D, calcium and iron is important to maintain the strength of the bones. “In an adverse condition, it is ideal to rest and ferment the area with ice. If the injury is severe, then the runner should slowly return to activity after several weeks of healing and stretching exercises,” he said.

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Suryanamaskars for beginners

While planning for a comprehensive exercise program, it is extremely vital to establish a relationship among physical fitness, confidence and peace of mind.

A great way to achieve this is by following the age-old holistic routine of Suryanamaskars; references of which are found even in the ancient Vedas and Puranas.

Suryanamaskar or the Indian ritual of saluting the sun comprises a rhythmic combination of yogic postures and breathing exercises. The complete series includes 12 basic postures performed in cyclical pattern to benefit all three levels of human consciousness: Physical, mental and spiritual. However, for beginners to understand the true significance and impact of each position, the entire series should be broken down and practiced one posture at a time. Here are 12 easy-to-perform Suryanamaskar positions to improve your overall fitness level.

Benefits: The benefits of these 12 series of Suryanamaskars or sun salutation postures are manifold. The very fact that the process provides the combined benefits of Asanas, Pranayama and exercise gives a clear idea about its real significance.

Contraindications: Although Suryanamaskar is one of the best techniques to stretch your entire body, you should take certain precautions if you are suffering from certain ailments and health conditions like ulcer, inflamed joints, hypertension and

10 things to track for fitness

On the path to fitness, you are bound to pause at many levels and hit some snags. You might suffer from weeks of weight stagnation, where you’ll hit the weight loss plateau at some critical points.

At these life-changing junctions, you must keep yourself motivated by keeping a track of your fitness goal – right from where you started to where you want to reach. Today we are going to reveal the top 10 things that you should track for fitness.

Take ‘Before’ photographs. This will motivate you and help you track your fitness progress. ‘Before’ photographs help in marking a point from where you started and will help in proving to your friends and relatives how you have achieved the new-found weight when you are done.

Maintain a weight loss journal. A study conducted on 1,700 overweight men and women revealed that people who maintained a health journal lost 9 to 10 kilos, compared to a 4.5 kilos loss among those who did not practice journal writing. It acts as a deterrent- i.e. when you know you have to pen down your health journey of the day, you will think twice before bingeing on that second serving of chocolate chip ice cream.

Tonsil removal can offer relief from sore throats

Adults suffering from frequent sore throats might find relief by having their tonsils surgically removed, new research has found.

In the study, people undergoing tonsillectomy (surgical removal of the tonsils) were found to have fewer cases of sore throat, fewer missed working days and an improved quality of life.

Gotz Senska from Marien hospital in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and co-authors analysed the long term effects of tonsillectomy based on patient surveys.

The study, published in the journal Deutsches Arzteblatt International, involved 114 adults who underwent tonsillectomy in 2004.

They filled in several questionnaires, first before surgery and then again at 14 months and then seven years after surgery, with questions about their sore throat incidences and their quality of life.

Comparing their answers over time revealed that participants suffered a sore throat almost ten times a year prior to surgery but only about twice a year after it.
Similarly, after tonsillectomy, the participants’ doctor visits dropped from an average of about five times a year to less than once a year.

 Work absences due to illness were also reduced on average from more than eleven days per year to less than two after surgery.

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Try Homeopathy for this ! Seriously !

Eat up your leafy greens to save your eyes

Leafy greens like spinach, lettuce and kale could lower the risk of glaucoma by up to 30%, research has found.

A diet of nitrate-rich vegetables is good for blood circulation which means it could prevent primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), one of four types of the condition, Harvard Medical School discovered. Dr Jae Kang explained: “Higher dietary nitrate and green leafy vegetable intake was associated with a lower POAG risk.” The study, published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmol, looked at more than 104,000 patients. It found that those who ate a nitrate-rich diet had lower levels of the rare condition, which involves chronic or acute sudden painful build-up of pressure in the eye. Increased pressure and a disruption in the flow of optic nerve blood flow have been implicated in POAG. Previous studies suggested nitrate or nitrite, precursors for nitric oxide, is beneficial for blood circulation so scientists from Harvard Medical School looked at the link of diet and POAG.

Assistant Professor of Medicine Jae Kang said: “Evidence suggests that nitrate or nitrite is beneficial for blood circulation, “Dietary nitrate is predominately derived from green leafy vegetables, which contribute approximately 80 percent of nitrate intake.

When we gain weight, it’s usually a discovery: Pooja Makhija

When we gain weight, it’s usually a discovery that we stumble upon.

Suddenly, a shirt doesn’t button up the way it used to, or a favourite and much-loved loophole on a belt seems to be a bit shy. A discovery like this is usually confirmed by stepping on a scale and, when confirmed, is confronted by the three Ds – Despair, Depression and Drama.

How could you put on weight? You’ve been eating and drinking as usual and you’ve taken out the time to exercise. So how did the weight sneak up on you? Well, when it comes to weight gain, that’s really the operative word – sneak.

Your weight can quietly, slyly, make its way up the scale without you even realising it because weight loss, and by that token, weight maintenance, is all about quiet, sly, maths. It takes 3,000 extra (unburned) calories to gain a pound of weight and 2.2 pounds to gain a kilo.
I’ll put this in simple words. For example, full-fat milk versus low-fat (2 per cent) milk has 30 more calories per 175 ml cup. Drink two cups of full-fat milk a day, and you are 60 calories up more than if you had low-fat

Things to remember while doing endurance training

Whether you are a fitness freak, an athlete or someone training for an marathon or an intense sporting event, there are certain fitness guidelines that one needs to follow. These things ensure that you actually start off your training programme well. Here are some important things to remember for the right way of endurance training.

Start with a dynamic warm up
Most people think that few pedalling routines and a small jog qualifies for a good pre-endurance training warm up. However, not many know that a high-intensity warm up is pivotal for to stimulate the nervous system to improve mobility and reduce the risk of injuries. Fitness instructor Rohan Giri says, “Intense stretching and other exercises like push ups, jumping jacks, lunges and squats are must to start with.”

Stay hydrated
Not drinking enough water before an endurance training session can result on muscle cramps and fatigue, as dehydration causes minerals like sodium and potassium to get depleted. Hence, make sure to be extremely hydrated before you begin the training, one must drink at least 750 ml of water if you are doing a normal training. For an intense workout however, you need to drink at least 2.5 litres a day.

Eat a

Macy’s closing at Akron’s Chapel Hill Mall, Elyria’s Midway Mall

Macy’s will close stores at Akron’s struggling Chapel Hill Mall and Elyria’s Midway Mall, as well as 34 other locations across the country, due to slumping sales.

The department store expects the move will save $400 million. Final clearance sales will start Monday, and will last eight to 12 weeks.

“Our company is committed to operating great Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores in the best locations – both to serve shoppers who walk through the door and to fulfill orders that are shipped directly to customers around the country,” Terry J. Lundgren, chairman and chief executive officer of Macy’s Inc. said in a news release.

Macy’s is closing its store at Richmond Town Square, 13 others nationwide

“Our business is rapidly evolving in response to changes in the way customers are shopping across stores, desktops, tablets and smartphones,” Macy’s Chairman and CEO Terry J. Lundgren said.

Macy’s closed its Richmond Heights store last year. It also closed stores in Upper Arlington, near Columbus, and in Springfield. And in recent years it has shuttered stores at dead malls Randall Park and Parmatown.

The Chapel Hill store, which transformed from O’Neil’s to May Co. to Kaufmann’s before transitioning to the venerable Macy’s name in 2006, has anchored the

The best, the worst and the meh on the red carpet: Golden Globes 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s a new year and a fresh awards season is upon us. Sunday night’s Golden Globes fashions grab the attention of everyone who dreams of walking a red carpet — and those who just like to dish about it.

Earlier this week, comedian and Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais issued a preemptive apology for anything he might say during the broadcast that will surely offend someone, everyone. I guess I could do the same thing for what I’m about to say as I pick the hits, misses and meh looks of this year’s red-carpet fashions … or not!

Eh, no need to apologize; besides, Gervais was joking. This is just my opinion, honed from years of couch surfing through countless red-carpet shows. And besides, being judgy under the right circumstances is practically my religion — and definitely my job.

We love the Golden Globes. There is more latitude in what is acceptable for red carpet fashions than at the Oscars, so we get deeper style influences, bigger risks and more opportunities for mistakes.

Who wore your choices for best and worst? Tell us in the comments below.

We are seeing some trends on the Golden Globes carpet, trends